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in cross-examination because he faced the most -- the toughest prosecutor in the world in bob costas. which, of course, is all silliness. he looks and he seeks for attention. he's narcissistic. he can't accept his punishment. and he's looking to tell his story again. he's looking to tell it in a friendly forum and i'm sure he was convinced that this would be a friendly forum. >> how does that make the victims feel? >> terrible. enough is enough. my client insists that he testify at the sentencing hearing, which he did. he faced mr. sandusky, and he told him all of the things that he did to ruin his life. i am quite sure that every victim feels the same way. >> do you think he'll admit some of the things he says right now against him if you take this to civil court try to get some money out of it will this help you anything he says from behind bars? >> nothing mr. sandusky says or doesn't say is going to affect the civil lawsuits in my opinion. he, as a convicted felon and in fact mr. paterno's family and mr. paterno back when blamed mr. sandusky. penn state blamed mr. sandusky. everyone bel
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)